Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans
held on Friday, the 10th day of April, 2015 in the Municipal Office
at Semans, Saskatchewan.

Mayor – Duane Linford
Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains
Alderman – Heidi Linford
Alderman – Tom Anderson
Alderman – Perry Fehr
Acting Clerk – Shannon Cameron

Not Present:

Signing of Declarations: Mayor and Councillors

Call to Order:
A quorum being present, Mayor Duane Linford, called the meeting to order at 3:13pm.

76/15        Anderson:        That the agenda be accepted as presented.

New Business:

Bylaw Officer:
77/15    H. Linford:    That we appoint Chad Cameron as The Village of Semans Bylaw Officer.  All in favor…        Carried.

78/15    D. Linford:    Reminder that the next regular meeting will be April 22nd, 2015 at 7:00pm.

79/15        D. Linford:        That the meeting be adjourned at 4:43pm.