Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans
held on Wednesday, the 10th day of February, 2016 in the Municipal Office
at Semans, Saskatchewan.
Mayor – Duane Linford
Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains
Alderman – Heidi Linford
Alderman – Tom Anderson
Alderman – Perry Fehr
Acting Clerk – Shannon Cameron

Call to Order:
A quorum being present, Mayor Duane Linford, called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.

37/16    Anderson:    That we adopt the agenda as presented with the power to add.                        Carried.
38/16    H. Linford:    That the minutes of the regular meeting of January 18th, 2016 be approved as read.            Carried.

Business Arising from Minutes:

Southland Roofing Material Invoice:
39/16    D.Linford:    That we pay for the materials Southland Roofing order for us, ensuring the materials are ready and waiting when we have the rest of the funding in place.        Carried.
40/16    Bains:    That the accounts be accepted as presented and attached.
Financial Reports:    
41/16    Fehr:    That the January 2016 financials be accepted as presented, and filed OR as attached hereto and forming a part of these minutes.                    Carried.
New Business:

Brickhouse Catering Bill:
42/16    D.Linford:    That we apply the catering bill to Val’s personal utility account with the village.            Carried.

Brickhouse Utility Bill:
43/16    D.Linford:    That we forgive the outstanding outstanding utility bill currently on the Brickhouse account.                                 All in favor…  Carried.
CATPC Membership:
44/16    Bains:    That we do not renew our membership with CATPC this year.                        Carried.
Post Office Fire Extinguisher:
45/16    D. Linford:    That we are not responsible for the regular service and inspection fees required for the Post Office extinguishers.                            Carried.

Parkland Regional Library Representative:
46/16    D.Linford:    That we nominate Perry to be our Regional Library Representative.         All in favor… Carried.

SAMA Annual General Meeting:
47/16    Bains:    That we table discussion regarding the SAMA AGM until next meeting.                    Carried.

Ashley’s Return:
48/16    Bains:    That we ask Ashley to attend the March Council Meeting so she is up on the current goings on. Also that Shannon stays on for the first week Ashley is back to help her readjust back into the office environment. Shannon will also return to deal with the 2015 audit on May 5th.                                 Carried.
Aquatech Diving Services:
49/16    H.Linford:    That Shannon contact Aquatech Diving for a quote on cleaning out the cistern in the water treatment plant as it has not been done in quite a while.        Carried.
50/16        D. Linford        Next meeting March 16th, 2016 @ 7:00pm.
51/16        D. Linford:        That the meeting be adjourned.        
                    Time:  7:49pm