Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans held on Wednesday, the 16th day of July, 2014 in the Municipal Office at Semans, Saskatchewan.



Mayor – Duane Linford

Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains

Alderman – Heidi Linford

Alderman – Perry Fehr

Alderman – Tom Anderson

Acting Clerk – Ashley Greenshields


Signing of Declarations:Mayor and Councillors



Call to Order:

A quorum being present, Mayor Duane Linford, called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.



115/14             Anderson:                  

That the agenda be accepted as presented.


116/14             H. Linford:                

That the minutes of the regular meeting June 16th,
2014 be approved as read.                                Carried.



117/14             Fehr:                          

That the accounts be accepted as presented/attached.


Financial Reports:    

118/14             Bains:                        

That the financials be accepted as presented.


Business Arising From Minutes:


Rhonda Godwin’s Dog:

119/14             D. Linford:                

That we continue trying to hire a Bylaw Enforcement
Officer.                                                              Carried.


New Buisiness:

 Pumping out yards after flood:

120/14             Anderson:                  

That we do not charge for pumping out yards. Donations
can be made to the town or any organization in town by anyone using the pumps if they wish.                                       Carried.



121/14             Bains:                        

Ian Saul bought a backflow prevention system for culvert at tracks. Ashley to talk to CN about cleaning out the culvert under the tracks.                                                                  Carried.


Heavy Equipment/Semi’s on 2nd Ave:

122/14             D. Linford:                

That we are aware of the issue of heavy equipment and
semi’s driving down 2nd Ave and not stopping at the stop sign. We are working on solutions to this issue.                        Carried.


Local Emergency:

123/14             D. Linford:

That we declare a state of emergency during June 29-30th, 2014.                                                                       Carried.


PDAP Assistance:

124/14             Bains:                        

Moved by Councillor Malcolm Bains: That the Village of
Semans apply to the Ministry of Government Relations to be designated an eligible assistance area under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP), which provides financial assistance for restoring essential services and property as a result of substantial damages caused by flooding due to heavy rainfall on the dates of June 29-30th, 2014.                                                                                                                                                                          Carried.


Clinton Schira:

125/14             D. Linford:                

That Clinton Schira is more than welcome to apply for the
town job/WTP operator. If he has any questions he can talk to Ashley.                                                                    Carried.


Garage Packages:

126/14             D. Linford                 

The following properties have been approved
to be adjusted to the garage package rate of $250:

  • Lot 12-13 Block 14 Plan P559

  • Lot 7-8 Block 3 Plan G321

  • Lot 23 Block 5 Plan C815

  • Parcel B Block 101763772

  • Lot 11-13 Block 9 Plan G242

  • Lot 17-19 Block 5 Plan C815

  • Lot 15-16 Block 2 Plan G321

  • PT 25 & 26 Block 8 Plan C815

  • Lot 14-16 Block 5 Plan C815

  • Lot 4 Block 11 Plan 101764245

  • Lot A Block 11 Plan BF6040

  • Lot 4-5 Block 5 Plan C815

  • Lot 5 Block 17D Plan T668

  • Lot 22 Block 5 Plan C815

  • Lot 20-21 Block 5 Plan C815

  • Lot 6-7 Block 5 Plan C815

  • Lot 15 Block 3 Plan G321

  • Lot 36-40 Block 6 Plan C815

  • Lot 10 Block 8 Plan C815


    Culvert put in on Gettis’ Land:

    127/14             D. Linford:                

    That we will cover cost of the culvert put in on Gettis’ land
    due to flood on Elevator Road and needing the water to
    continue to flow across Gettis’ land.                        Carried.



    128/14             H. Linford:                

    That we bid on the 3” pump on McDougall’s Auction with
    a max bid of $200.00.                                   

    Duane will get 200-300 feet of hose for pumps from Raymore New Holland.                                                                     Carried.


    Tom Stark & Councillor hours put in during flood:

    129/14             Anderson:                  

    That Tom & Malcolm will bring their hours in to the office
    when they have it figured out and Ashley will talk to Tom Stark about hours he spent helping with the flood.                        Carried.


    Lot 10 Block 8 Plan C815 :

    130/14             D. Linford:                

    That this lot will be deemed a garage package and we will
    not charge taxes for this year due to overpayment/oversight on this lot in previous years.                                                              Carried.


    Lot PT 40 Block 8 Plan C815:

    131/14             D. Linford:                

    That we change this lot from commercial to residential and
    only tax on land as the improvement has been removed.  Carried.


    New Gas Tax Agreement:

    132/14             H. Linford:                

    That we accept the new Gas Tax Agreement as presented.




    133/14             Anderson:                  

    That Ashley talk to SUMAssure to see if part time
    employees, students, volunteers are covered under the accidental death and dismemberment portion of our insurance.                                                                                         Carried.


    Trees at Heselwood’s and Cameron’s:

    134/14             D. Linford:                

    That Duane and Tom Anderson will look at these trees and
    see if we need to get Davey Tree Services in to cut down/ trim.                                                                             Carried.



    Coffee Pot & Telephone for office:

    135/14             D. Linford:                

    That Ashley get a new coffee pot and telephone for the
    office.                                                                        Carried.




    136/14             D. Linford:                

    That Tom board up the main floor doors of the hotel and
    knock down the outside steps of hotel.                    Carried.


    Wheatland Roofing:

    137/14             Bains:                        

    That Ashley get a quote from Wheatland Roofing to fix
    leak in roof at school.                                                Carried.


    San’s Dredging:

    138/14             Bains:                        

    Malcom will call San’s Dredging to get a quote to dredge
    our lagoon.                                                                Carried.


    Ad in paper for volunteers:

    139/14             Anderson:                  

    That Ashley put an ad in the Last Mountain Times to thank all the volunteers for their help during the flood.                  Carried.



    140/14             D. Linford:                

    That the next meeting will be August 13th, 2014 at 7pm.


    141/14             D. Linford:                

    That the meeting be adjourned at 8:45pm.