Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans
held on Tuesday, the 14th day of July, 2015 in the Municipal Office
at Semans, Saskatchewan.


Mayor – Duane Linford
Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains
Alderman – Heidi Linford
Alderman – Tom Anderson
Assistant Administrator – Shannon Cameron

Not Present:
Alderman – Perry Fehr

Signing of Declarations: Mayor and Councillors

Call to Order:
A quorum being present, Mayor Duane Linford, called the meeting to order at 4:07pm.

172/15  Anderson:  That the agenda be accepted as presented. Carried.

173/15 Anderson: That the minutes of the regular meeting of June 17nd, 2015 and the special meeting of June 18th, 2015 be approved as read.      Carried.
Abatement of Taxes:
174/15 H. Linford That we authorize Shannon to abate the taxes on all garage only properties, so that the current years taxes show a balance of $300.    Carried.
175/15  H. Linford:  That the accounts be accepted as presented/attached.

Financial Reports: 
176/15  D. Linford:  That the financials be accepted as presented.

New Business:

New Gas Tax Forms:
177/15 D. Linford: That we hold off on resubmitting our Gas Tax Forms until Shannon can get quotes on road repairs and lagoon cell clean out.     Carried.
Lot 7, BLK 15, Plan 61H02121:
178/15 Anderson: That we will not abate the taxes on Lot 7, BLK 15, Plan 61H02121 as it is not actual garage but a residence, no matter what it is being used for.  Carried.

Lot 1 & 2, BLK 2, Plan G321
179/15 D. Linford: That we will cancel the taxes on Lot 1 & 2, BLK 2, Plan G321, and remove it from the assessed property list as it is Village Owned.    Carried.
Water Security Report:
180/15 Anderson: That we accept Gary Paprics official report as present.       Carried.
Rollaway Garbage Cans:
181/15 H. Linford: That we will not provide rollaway garbage cans to our residents at this time, but may revisit this idea at a later date.      Carried.
Battery Back-up:
182/15 D. Linford: That Shannon call Munisoft and order a battery back-up for the computer to prevent crashing due to power outages.       Carried.
RM Petitioning Committee:
183/15 D. Linford That we will donate any printing or coping need to this group of people.    Carried.
Semans St.:
184/15 D. Linford That Shannon write a letter to the RM of Mount Hope #279 asking for help paying for repairs to Semans St.
Cemetery Gates:
185/15 D. Linford That we allow Ed to paint the gates at the Cemetery to help spruce things up a bit.    Carried.
First Aid Kits:
186/15 H. Linford That Heidi picks up 4 first aid kits. One for the Water Treatment Plant, Village Shop and Office, and one for the Town Truck.     Carried.
Dirt Mound at Landfill:
187/15 Bains: That council will looking to getting a dirt mound built at the landfill to make unloading garbage easier on the guys or possibly fencing the transfer station in town and eliminating the need build another mound. Carried.
Fridge for Town Shop:
188/15 Bains: That we feel that there is no real need for a fridge at the town shop.      Carried.
Post Office Rugs:
189/15 D. Linford That we toss the current rugs at the Post Office and set them up with Watrous Cleaners.  Carried.
Culvert at MacDonald’s:
190/15 Bains: That Shannon inform Dave that to remove or plug the culvert he must talk to the Water Shed Authorities to for a permit.      Carried.
Jones Lang LaSalle:
191/15 H. Linford That we are okay with Jones Lang LaSalle direct depositing the rent payments for the Post Office.
192/15  D. Linford  Next meeting August 12th, 2015 at 9:00am.
193/15  D. Linford:  That the meeting be adjourned at 5:45pm.