Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans held on Wednesday, the 18th day of June, 2014 in the Municipal Office at Semans, Saskatchewan.



Mayor – Duane Linford

Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains

Alderman – Heidi Linford

Alderman – Perry Fehr

Alderman – Tom Anderson

Acting Clerk – Ashley Greenshields


Signing of Declarations:Mayor and Councillors


Call to Order:

A quorum being present, Mayor Duane Linford, called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.



85/14               Bains:                       

That the agenda be accepted as presented.




86/14               H. Linford:                

That the minutes of the regular meeting May 12th, 2014 be approved as read.                                                                                      Carried.



87/14               H. Linford:                

That the accounts be accepted as presented/attached.



Financial Reports:    

88/14               D. Linford:               

That the financials be accepted as presented.



New Business:


Budget 2014:

89/14               D. Linford:                

That we set and adopt the Mill Rate at 23mills.                   Carried.


90/14               Bains:                       

That we adopt the 2014 Operating & Capital budgets.                                                                                 Carried.


Audit 2014:

91/14               Anderson:                  

That we approve the 2013 Financial Statements audited by
MNP as presented.                                                                Carried.


92/14               Fehr:                          

That we approve the Audit Findings Letter prepared by
MNP.                                                                                    Carried.


Village & Gym Committee:

93/14               D. Linford:                

That the Village of Semans and the Gym Committee need
to work together when the gym is booked. Anyone who books the gym will be required to book campsites if required for their event at the time of gym booking. Camping fees will be $20/trailer/day and will need to be paid before event occurs.                                                                             Carried.


**Mike Ryerson joined meeting at 7:30pm**

  • On Sunday June 15th, 2014, he was on his way to his shop to take his dog over to chain up and feed. As he walked by Rhonda Godwin’s yard, Rhonda’s dog had jumped at fence and knocked it over. The dog then proceeded to chase Mike down the back alley and pinned him against a green garage. The dog bit Mike’s hand, Mike hit dog in head to defend himself. Mike described dog as a brindle pitbull. Two weeks prior to this incident, the dog had him pinned against his shop.
  • Mike has gone to the hospital in Lanigan on Sunday for treatment of the bite.
  • The doctor has pictures of hand injury.
  • Note – Due to Mike’s injury he was unable to write a written complaint, so I, Ashley Greenshields, scribed his statement in the presence of Council.
  • Ashley will follow bylaw to take further action.

**Mike left the meeting at 7:41pm**


**Jeff Digney, Nerissa Bishop, Brendan Grant, and Herman & Sharon Drescher joined meeting at 7:45pm**

  • Issue at hand – Jeff and Nerissa had issue with the placement of the Construction Crew’s bunkhouses in the school yard for their wedding.
  • Advised the crew will move all camper trailers and 1 of the bunkhouses for the weekend of July 19th, 2014.
  • They will be using the campsites at the school for the wedding.
  • Options suggested for bunkhouses where they were originally placed. Possible to use the bunkhouses for the wedding, put up a fence around them.
  • Ashley & Tom Anderson will talk to the Crew to get them to move the two bunkhouses over to the south side of the school for the weekend. Village will cost share the fees to move the houses.
  • July 4-6th – Drescher family reunion – all campers are bringing their own gensets so will not need the plug ins. Herman and Sharon do not require the crew to move out for this weekend as long as the crew is okay with noise.

**Jeff, Nerissa, Brendan, Herman and Sharon left the meeting at 8:09pm**


Water Treatment Plant Questionnaire/Lagoon:

94/14               Anderson:                  

That we do not move forward to build the new water
treatment plant in 2014. Lagoon is our priority to get under control. Ashley to contact Roy & Son’s Dredging to get a quote, will also set up a meeting with Roger Miller to discuss options.                                                                             Carried.


Ron Heto:

95/14               D. Linford:                

That Ashley talk to Gail at the Raymore town office to see
if Ron Heto would be able to come to a council meeting to discuss working at the WTP.                                                       Carried.


Library Donation:

96/14               D. Linford                 

That we donate $320 to the Semans Library.



Crows in town:

97/14               D. Linford:                

We are aware of the crows in town, however, there is
nothing we can do at this point.                                         Carried.


Online Payments:

98/14               H. Linford:                

That we apply to TelPay to set up online payments for
taxes and utilities.                                                               Carried.


Assistant Administrator:

99/14               D. Linford:                

That Ashley place ads in the paper, online, posters for a
new assistant.                                                                      Carried.



100/14            D. Linford:                

That we move the new tractor purchase to 2015.



Tender on Lot 7 Block 1 Plan G321:

101/14             Bains:                       

That we accept the tender received to purchase Lot 7 Block
1 Plan G321 for $125.                                                          Carried.


Camping @ School:

102/14             D. Linford:                

That we don’t allow anymore campers in the school
campground for this summer as it is full from the Construction Crew.                                                                                               Carried.


Facebook Page:

103/14             H. Linford:                

That Ashley set up a Facebook page where we can let the
residents know of advisories and emergencies.                    Carried.


Storage at the School:

104/14             Bains:                       

That Debbie Hollis can look at a couple of the rooms we
have available to rent at the school for storage. Will cost $50/month, we are not liable for mice, water damage, etc.



Bylaw No. 4 – 2014 – A Bylaw To Provide for Penalty and Discount on Tax Arrears:

105/14             Unanimous:              

That all 3 readings of Bylaw No. 4 – 2014 be completed at
this meeting.                                                                        Carried.


106/14             D. Linford:                

First reading of Bylaw No. 4 – 2014.

                        H. Linford:              

Second reading of Bylaw No. 4 – 2014.


Bylaw No. 4 – 2014 is read a third time and adopted.



Water Rates:

107/14             D. Linford:                

All in agreement that January 1 we will implement the
water, sewer rates as recommended by the Saskatchewan Municipal Board.                                                                                   Carried.



108/14             Anderson:                  

That we do not donate to the Saskatchewan Legion. We
would rather donate to our local legion.                               Carried.


Education Property Tax Rates:

109/14             H. Linford:                

That we accept the following education property tax mill

  • Agricultural Property – 2.67mills

  • Residential Property – 5.03 mills

  • Commercial/Industrial – 8.28 mills

  • Resource (oil and gas, mines and pipelines) – 11.04 mills


    Letter from Herman and Sharon Drescher:

    110/14             D. Linford:                

    That we allow Herman and Sharon to take out the approach
    that used to be used as a driveway.                                        Carried.


    Letter from Andre Ladoucer and Judy Springett:

    111/14             D. Linford:                

    That we are unable to sell them the lot that is next to them
    at this point as we have to put it up for tender first.



    Pulse De-icer:

    112/14             H. Linford:                

    That we purchase a Magikist Pulse De-icer for $2295 plus
    freight.                                                                                  Carried.



    113/14             D. Linford:                

    That the next meeting will be July 16th, 2014 at 7pm.


    114/14             D. Linford:                

    That the meeting be adjourned at 10:45pm