Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans
held on Wednesday, the 17th day of June, 2015 in the Municipal Office
at Semans, Saskatchewan.

Mayor – Duane Linford
Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains
Alderman – Heidi Linford
Alderman – Tom Anderson
Assistant Administrator – Shannon Cameron

Not Present:
Alderman – Perry Fehr

Signing of Declarations: Mayor and Councillors

Call to Order:
A quorum being present, Mayor Duane Linford, called the meeting to order at 7:07pm.

139/15        H. Linford:        That the agenda be accepted as presented.    Carried.

140/15    Anderson:    That the minutes of the regular meeting June 2nd, 2015 approved as read.                Carried.

141/15        H. Linford:        That the accounts be accepted as presented/attached.

Financial Reports:    
142/15        D. Linford:        That the financials be accepted as presented.

Business Arising From the Minutes:

New Business:

Summer Student Grant:
143/15    Anderson:    That we hire Tanner Linford as our summer student grass cutter/trimmer, so as not to lose out on the Summer Student Grant.                        Carried.

Roto Rooter:
144/15    D. Linford    That we increase our Roto Rooter fees to $100 for regular hours and $175 for after hours and weekends. Also, that we pay our Town Foreman time and a half for after hours and weekend call outs.                Carried.

Wage Review for Chad:
145/15    Anderson:    That we increase Chad’s hourly wage to $22/hrs, with back pay being issued for hours worked starting June 5th/15.                             Carried.

MEPP Back Pay:
146/15    H. Linford:    That Shannon find out who was dealing with Chad’s account in February and try and talk to them and figure out a solution to this problem.            Carried.
Pay for Joe and Ben’s Help:
147/15    Bains:    That we pay Joe and Ben $90 for all their help at the lagoon over the past few days.            Carried.

Ian Richardson:
148/15    D. Linford:    That we grant permission to Ian Richardson to hay the Sports Grounds.                 Carried.                                      
Hay Field West of Town:
149/15        Bains:     That Shannon finds out who owns the hay land west of the old Glover place.                 Carried.

Vendor Licences:
150/15    D. Linford:    That we will waive the need for individual vendor licences for the Centennial Committee’s Event on August 8th, in favor of a flat rate vendor’s fee issued to the Centennial Committee of $100.                Carried.
Community Event Permit:
151/15    D. Linford    That Shannon will write a letter to SLG approving the beer gardens and location for Centennial Committee’s Event on August 8th.                     Carried.

Classic Car Parking:
152/15    Anderson:    That we approve the blocking off of Main St. from 2nd Ave. to 1st Ave. for the Centennial Committee’s Event on August 8th. Carried.

Town Truck:
153/15    D. Linford:    That we see if Brendan Grant will give the town truck a good once over and fix the issues it is currently having.                             Carried.
Time Off:
154/15    H. Linford:    That we allow Shannon to close the office on July 17th.

155/15    D. Linford:    That we allow Shannon to process payroll on June 30th due to the stat.                    Carried.

Outside Lights At School:
156/15    D. Linford:    That we get Bentz’s Electric in to fix the perimeter lights on the gym and change out any that need replacing. As well as getting them to fix the lights above the North West and North East entrance doors to the school.    Carried.
157/15    D. Linford    That Shannon is to pick up a new vacuum for the office next time she is in the city.            Carried.

Tri-Central Consent Form:
158/15    H. Linford:    That Shannon is to sign and return the consent form allowing Tri-Central to access our account info.                                Carried.
Door Stickers:
159/15    D. Linford    That Shannon is to get Village of Semans door decals made up for our town truck.                Carried.

160/15    D. Linford:    That the next meeting will be Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 at 4:00pm.

161/15        D. Linford:        That the meeting be adjourned at 9:00pm.