Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans
held on Thursday, the 16th day of June, 2016 in the Municipal Office
at Semans, Saskatchewan.
Mayor – Duane Linford
Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains
Alderman – Heidi Linford
Alderman – Tom Anderson
Alderman – Perry Fehr
Administrator – Ashley Greenshields

Call to Order:
A quorum being present, Deputy Mayor Malcolm Bains, called the meeting to order at 5:45pm.

**Earl Menzies arrived at the meeting at 5:45pm**
•    Discussed concerns he has about the location of the THRL dumpsters on 1st Ave.
•    Advised us he has put in a complaint with Environment and Public Health, Ashley received phone calls from both of these offices as well as letters from Earl’s lawyer.
•    Ashley advised Earl that after discussions with both Environment and Public Health there are no regulations that prevent dumpsters from residing on 1st Ave at the transfer station.
•    Earl advised us about an issue regarding garbage being left outside neighbours’ home before garbage day and rats getting into his house.
•    Also advised us that there was a letter sent to the Village Office about the incident about garbage at his neighbours’ home which was received by Ashley.
•    Earl was also concerned about the Loraas bin that was initially being put in front of his neighbours’ house and Malcolm got Loraas to move it to the back of the house and made driver clean up the dirty water that dripped out of the bin by Earls’ property.
•    Council advised Earl that we would advise his neighbor to make sure garbage is put out in garbage cans to help prevent rats/rodents from getting into it.
•    Council also let Earl know we would find and mark property lines on his property and would discuss different options regarding the location of the dumpsters.
**Earl Menzies left meeting at 6:03pm**

**Ray Lamontagne arrived at meeting at 6:03pm**
•    Cemetery Report
o    Started working out there around May 19th
o    Repaired equipment and changed oil and filters
o    Edged around graves/headstones
o    Raised headstones
o    Trimmed hedges, cut grass and trimmed around headstones
o    June 14th – started poisoning gophers at the cemetery
o    Looking to possibly having a bee to help pour cement pads over sunken graves
o    Figuring out unmarked graves
o    Looking into mapping the cemetery
•    Dumpsters/Rats
o    RM of Mount Hope contacted him about rats at Earl’s house – set up bait and bait stations.
o    Advised of garbage and tires on south side of Earls neighbours’ house and to have it cleaned up.
o    Received a phone call from Schumaker and was asked to inspect the dumpsters on 1st Ave. After inspection Ray did not see any issues with where they are right now. Advised there are no signs of rats, no signs of leaching and it is kept clean.
**Ray Lamontagne left the meeting at 6:18pm**

**Justin Peevers arrived at the meeting at 6:18pm**
•    Village Report
o    Lagoon – The right primary cell is clean/clear but North Fringe was only able to clean the outflow on the left primary cell as they ran out of time and Village could not afford to keep them for any longer as daily rate was too high. Advised it would be best if they came back next year or next possible chance the Village can afford this again. Advised the outlet from the manhole to the lagoon needs to be cleaned as it is completely plugged.
o    Garbage – Advised that there are residents that are mixing compost and garbage in the same bags on garbage day and this is taking up more space in the bins than necessary. This could end up costing Village more money to dump dumpsters more often. Also advised Council that the bags are constantly over the weight limit of acceptable weight and bags are tearing open when being picked up or put into the truck. Justin advised that there was a pile of tree branches that were cut and piled in the middle of 5th Avenue.
o    Curb Stops – there are quite a few that need to be fixed. Tom advised to check to make sure they work first and if not we will replace and if they do we will just install a new cap on them.
o    Transfer Station Inspection – Chelsea Cooke came out to inspect the transfer station (dump) and advised she has seen multiple improvements since last year. We are still considered high risk as we have a gate/fence that is not finished and concrete that cannot be taken out there. Advised us to burn trees and compost separate and we need to keep separate piles for trees, compost and wood. We also need to keep a log book of everyone who picks up the dump key, time in – time out, and what was taken out to the dump. Chelsea advised Justin that the permit for the transfer station is expired and we need a new one to continue. Also, when the metal is removed from the dump we need to haul in fresh dirt to cover where the metal was.
o    Council asked Justin to gravel down Queen Street.
o    Ashley advised she would send out a mail drop regarding dump information and garbage and compost issues.
o    Ashley advised that Aquatech divers will be here in a couple weeks to dive down cistern.
**Justin Peevers left the meeting at 6:57pm**
**Duane Linford and Heidi Linford arrived at meeting at 6:45pm**

129/16    Fehr:    That we adopt the agenda as presented with the power to add.                                  Carried.
130/16    D. Linford:    That the minutes of the regular meeting of May 11th, 2016 be approved as read.                          Carried.

Business Arising from Minutes:

131/16    D. Linford:    That Justin fill potholes on 3rd Avenue.              Carried.

Summer Student:
132/16    Bains:    That we do not hire a student to cut grass this summer.                                                                         
Water Treatment Plant Operator:
133/16    D. Linford:    That we hire Shannon Cameron as a casual water treatment plant operator at a rate of pay of $10.50/hour.         Carried.

Jade Ross’ Wage:
134/16    Anderson:    That we increase Jade’s wage to $12/hour.
Bylaw Officer:
135/16    H. Linford:    That we hire Commissionaires of South Saskatchewan to be the Bylaw Officer for the Village of Semans. We will sign an annual contract of $2898.00/year. Ashley will put up posters advising a bylaw officer has been hired and what his start date will be.                                                 Carried.
Capital Budget:
136/16    H. Linford:    That we accept the capital budget as presented and attached.                                                                    Carried.

Mill Rate/Minimum Tax:
137/16    D. Linford:    That we accept the operating budget as presented and attached. The Mill Rate for 2016 will remain at 24.000 mills, minimum tax will be $1,200.00 and garage packages will be $300.00 (Municipal).                                    Carried.

Chair Person for Cemetery Committee:
138/16    H. Linford:    That Duane Linford will replace Ray Lamontagne as the new chairperson of the Semans Cemetery Association.
Rate of Pay for Cemetery:
139/16    D. Linford:    That we pay Ray Lamontagne $600.00 per month for taking care of the cemetery.

140/16    H. Linford:    That the list of accounts be accepted as presented and attached.                                                                    Carried.

Financial Reports:    
141/16    Bains:    That the June 2016 financials be accepted as presented, and filed OR as attached hereto and forming a part of these minutes.                              Carried.

New Business:

Degelman’s Costs to Install Services to Nolan’s House:
142/16    D.Linford:    That we bill Nolan Gettis for the costs to hook up water services from the curb stop to his house.              Carried.

Dumpsters on 1st Avenue:
143/16    Bains:    That we do not move the dumpsters out of town. The dumpsters are not causing any issues (rodents, rats, leeching) where they are now.                  Carried.
Pallet Forks:
144/16    D. Linford:    That we purchase pallet forks for the bobcat for approximately $990.00 from Can-Am Sales in Kelliher.                                                            Carried.
Greenshields Seeds:
145/16    Bains:    That we do not change the classification of this property. Ashley will put this on the maintenance list for SAMA for 2017 re-evaluations.                          Carried.

Garden at 302 2nd Ave:
146/16    H.Linford:    That we do not allow a garden to be put in in the empty lot beside 302 2nd Ave.                          Carried.

Sports Grounds:
147/16    Bains:    That we allow Ian Richardson to keep the Sports Grounds trimmed but charge rent of $50.                  Carried.

Tree Trimming:
148/16    H.Linford:    That we get a quote from Dean Linford and if not too expensive get him to cut down the tree by Jim and Brenda Grant’s.              Carried.

Sewer Line and Curb Stop:
149/16    D.Linford:    That we see if Tim and Frank would want to fix the curb stop at Wally’s and get a quote from Richardson’s in Simpson to see if they would clear the sewer line to lagoon.                                      Carried.

Tent Caterpillars:
150/16    H. Linford:    That we do not spray for tent caterpillars.                   Carried.

Town Truck:
151/16    D. Linford:    That we book the town truck in with Brendan Grant to get the brakes fixed.                          Carried.

Ad for Grad in Times:
152/16    D. Linford:    That we put an ad in the Last Mountain Times for Grad 2016.                                                  Carried.

Returning Officer:
153/16    D. Linford:    That we appoint Ashley Greenshields as the Returning Officer for the General Election 2016 at a rate of $445 and Ashley will appoint a Poll Clerk at a rate of $277.                                                           Carried.

3rd Avenue:
154/16    H. Linford:    That we gravel to the end of Nolan’s driveway on 3rd Avenue and put up a ‘No Through Road’ sign on the Newmans Crescent sign.

Operator’s Certification Board:
155/16    Anderson:    That Ashley contact the Board and see if Justin can attend the SWWA conference in November to get CEU’s even if current CEU’s expire in October.                  Carried.

Donations to Semans Centennial Committee:
156/16    D. Linford:    That we allow donations to be made for the Semans Centennial Committee at the Village Office and will issue a tax receipt for any donation over $20.              Carried.

Donation to the Semans Centennial Committee:
157/16    Anderson:    That we donate $200 to the Semans Centennial Committee.                                            Carried.

Bait Station:
158/16    D. Linford:    That we do not charge for bait or set up of bait traps at Earl’s house.                              Carried.

Grass Cutting Fees:
159/16    D. Linford:    That we charge $50 per cut for any yards not being mowed.                                      Carried.

Phaneuf Sign:
160/16    Anderson:    That we will sell the Phaneuf sign for $500.                                              Carried.

Tenders on Hotel Sign and Coca Cola Sign:
161/16    Bains:    That we request tenders on the hotel and coca cola signs.

162/16    D. Linford:    That we do not sign up for a membership with WUQWATR.
2015 Audited Financial Statements:
163/16    D. Linford:    That we accept the 2015 Audited Financial Statements as presented by C.S. Skrupski.

Security Cameras:
164/16    Fehr:    That we order security cameras for the office at a cost of $399.

Last Mountain Regional Park:
165/16    Bains:    That we do not donate to the silent auction at the Last Mountain Regional Park this year.

166/16        D. Linford        Next meeting will be Tuesday, July 12th at 5:30pm.
167/16        D. Linford:        That the meeting be adjourned at 9:11pm.