Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans
held on Thursday, the 12th day of March, 2015 in the Municipal Office
at Semans, Saskatchewan.

Mayor – Duane Linford
Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains
Alderman – Heidi Linford
Alderman – Tom Anderson
Alderman – Perry Fehr
Administrator – Ashley Greenshields
Assistant Administrator – Shannon Cameron

Not Present:

Signing of Declarations: Mayor and Councillors

Call to Order:
A quorum being present, Mayor Duane Linford, called the meeting to order at 4:31pm.

45/15        Anderson:        That the agenda be accepted as presented.

46/15    H. Linford:        That the minutes of the regular meeting February
11th, 2015 be approved as read.
47/15        D. Linford:        That the accounts be accepted as presented/attached.

Financial Reports:    
48/15        Bains:            That the financials be accepted as presented.

Business Arising From the Minutes:

Lagoon Dredging:
49/15               Anderson:    That Ashley contact TSL and book them to clean the lagoon drainage ditch ASAP.                              Carried.

Ketch Pole:
50/15    Anderson:    That Ashley order a 5ft Ketch Pole from SUMA.    Carried.

Health Benefits:
51/15    D. Linford:    That Ashley find out what the amount of her benefits will be once baby comes, and the Village will continue to pay there portion.                                      Carried.

Scrap Tire Program:
52/15    Bains:        That we allow the use of the Sports Grounds for the collection point for the duration the Scrap Tire Progam runs.                                  Carried.        

New Business:

Water Meter Deposits:
53/15    D. Linford:    That we will refund the meter deposit as the     meters are taken out                                      Carried.

54/15    D. Linford    That we will pay the $200 for Shannon to become a Notary and charge $10 per signature                              Carried.

Council Meeting Pay for Shannon:
55/15        D. Linford:        That we pay Shannon for her hours at council meetings.
Audit Service Plan:
56/15        Bains:            That we except the Audit Service Plan as presented.
 New Auditors for 2015:
57/15        Recorded Vote:    
        For: H. Linford, Anderson, Fehr                                  
        Against: Bains
That we switch to C.S. Skrupski CPA Professional Corp. for the 2015 audit.                         Carried.

Wireless Router:
57/15    D. Linford:    That Shannon purchase a new router for the office when she is in the city.                         Carried.                                                
Fire Agreement and Bylaw:
58/15        H. Linford:     That Shannon talk to the RM about the voting numbers in the agreement.                                        Carried.
Debbie Hollis:
59/15    Anderson:    That we reimburse Debbie the garbage fees previously charged as we do not pick up her garbage. That Chad will pick up her freezer when he can get into the landfill for a charge of $20.00                          Carried.

Scrap Metal:
60/15    Bains:    That Ashley will talk to her brother and see if he will pick up the scrap metal at the landfill, if not she will talk to Wayne Hick about it.                          Carried.

Air Compressor:
61/15        Anderson:        That we give the old air compress to Chad Cameron.

Water Tank:
62/15        D. Linford:        That we keep the water tank for Village use.           Carried.

Bleachers From School:
63/15    D. Linford:    That we rent the bleacher to the Smokin’ Britches Riding Club for an amount to be decided on at a later date. The town foreman is to check the stability of the bleachers.          

Skating Rink:
64/15    D. Linford:    That the riding club can us the rink for the months of July and August, after signing a contract, and leaving a $1000 deposit. They must clean up after the horses and be willing to move there trailers if there is a function at the school. They can park trailers on the grass at the school, and camping will be charged as usual. Shannon will draw up the contract after confirming that the Riding Club will be renting the rink.                                  Carried.

6 X 6 Shed:
65/15    D. Linford:    That there is no need to put up a shed at the water treatment plant, they can store all the extra parts and such in the Shop.                                   Carried.

Maternity Leave Request:
66/15    Bains:    That Shannon write a letter excepting Ashley’s request for maternity leave.                          Carried.

Snow Blade for Bobcat:
67/15    D. Linford:    That we do not purchase a snow blade for the bobcat this year.                                  Carried.

RM Letter:
68/15    Anderson:    Presented letter from the RM of Mount Hope that stated they would not be purchasing the Sports Ground from the Village.                              Carried.

Chad’s Wish List
69/15    D. Linford    That Duane will bring in a radio, and watch for a bench grinder. That Shannon will ask the fire department where to get a fire extinguisher and talk to Darwin Stewart about recharging the extinguisher from the shop.  We will purchase a tire iron and a cordless combo kit for the shop as well.                                  Carried.
70/15    D. Linford    That Ashley and Shannon will run the tax program and see what an increase in the minimum tax to $1200, the mill rate to 24, and increase garage package tax by $50, will give us an exceptable yearly budget.                  Carried.

CN Culvert
71/15    H. Linford    That Ashley will talk to Tim Bains about cleaning out the culvert under the railway tracks.                  Carried.

Watrous Cleaners
72/15    Bains    That we will cease payment due to no communication in regards to a credit for the months we went without service.

73/15    Anderson    That Shannon will advertise lots for sale in Semans on Kijiji for $5000/lot.                          Carried.

74/15        D. Linford:        That the next meeting will be April 22nd, 2015 at

75/15        D. Linford:        That the meeting be adjourned at 6:26pm.