Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans held on Tuesday, the 12th day of May, 2014 in the Municipal Office at Semans, Saskatchewan.




Mayor – Duane Linford

Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains

Alderman – Heidi Linford

Alderman – Perry Fehr

Alderman – Tom Anderson

Acting Clerk – Ashley Greenshields


Signing of Declarations:Mayor and Councillors


Call to Order:

A quorum being present, Mayor Duane Linford, called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.



57/14               Bains:                       

That the agenda be accepted as presented.




58/14               H. Linford:               

That the minutes of the regular meeting April 15th, 2014 be approved as read.                                



59/14               Bains:                        

That the accounts be accepted as presented/attached.



Financial Reports:    

60/14               Anderson:                  

That the financials be accepted as presented.



New Business:


Tractor Residual Value:

61/14               D. Linford:                

That we set a residual value on tractors purchased at

$20,000 on a 10 year straight-line amortization.      Carried.


Tim Bains Water Line:

62/14               D. Linford:                

That we split the bill (½ and ½) from Town of

Raymore to thaw water line at Tim Bains house.    Carried.



63/14               D. Linford:                

That Ashley look into what a Pulse De-Icer costs.  Carried.


Water at School:

64/14               Anderson:                  

That Tom test the water at the school and try shutting off
curb stops and see where in the school has water. If the areas still used have water and the area of school that is not used does not we will leave the water shut off.                                    Carried.


Doug wage for Cemetery:

65/14               D. Linford:                

That the Cemetery will pay $12.50/hr to Doug for work at
cemetery.                                                                   Carried.


Roto Router:

66/14               H. Linford                 

That we charge $75 for use of the sewer Roto Router if
used within Tom’s working hours and $100 if used after hours.                                                                                    Carried.


Bylaw No. 3 – 2014 Dispense with the Mailing of Assessment Notices:

67/14               Unanimous:              

That all 3 readings of Bylaw No. 3 – 2014 be completed at
this meeting.                                                              Carried.

68/14               D. Linford:                

First reading of Bylaw No. 3 – 2014.


Second reading of Bylaw No. 3 – 2014.


Bylaw No. 3 – 2014 is read a third time and adopted.


Lights at School:

69/14               Bains:                       

That Ashley get Ray Gritzfeldt to fix the lights on the
outside of the school.                                                Carried.


Kevin Acton:

70/14               D. Linford:                

That we get Kevin Acton to fix the sink in the janitor room
and the sink in the kitchen at the school.                  Carried.


Showers at School:

71/14               D. Linford:                

That Ashley see if either Dwayne Veitch or Roman
Szymesko will redo the tiles in the showers at the school.                                                                                       Carried.


Duncan Construction:

72/14               D. Linford:                

That we charge Duncan Construction $100/week/unit to
camp and use the bathrooms/showers at the school. Will get Keith Bentz to install 3-4 more 30 amp plug ins at the school as well.           Let Jeff Digney know that there will be bunk houses in the school yard on the day of their wedding.                                                                                                                                           Carried.


Kathleen Eng:

73/14               H. Linford:                

That we ask Kathleen to clean more often at the school
while the construction crew is camping here. Ashley will also ask Kathleen if she is interested in working at the Water Treatment Plant.                                                                          Carried.


Administrator Certificate Application Fee:

74/14               D. Linford:                

That we pay for the application fee of $175 for Ashley to
receive her certification as an Administrator.          Carried.


Properties to be cleaned up:

75/14               D. Linford:                

That Ashley send letters to Murray Runge and Clinton
Schira about cleaning up their yards.                        Carried.


Semans Sign:

76/14               Anderson:                  

That Ashley talk to Jeff Digney and see if he is interested in
making a sign for the Village. Will be looking for something similar to what we had before.                                                Carried.


Water Treatment Plant Helpers:

77/14               D. Linford:                

That Ashley put an ad in the Last Mountain Times to find a
couple part time water treatment plant operators. Ashley will also ask Roger Miller how old someone has to be to become a certified Water Treatment Plan Operator.                                                                                           Carried.

Tom Stark:

78/14               Anderson:                  

That we allow Tom to take time in lieu on nights we will
ask him to come into a council meeting. Tom will also bring in monthly reports to the meetings on what needs to be done around town, equipment reports, etc. Tom will also start to train Kaibry at the water treatment plant.                                                      Carried.


Roger Miller:

79/14               D. Linford:                

That Ashley ask Roger Miller if he can move his inspection
day to sometime mid-June so councilors will have a chance to discuss issues with him.                                                                  Carried.



80/14               Anderson:                  

That Ashley contact Highways and Grant and Joanne
Hamilton to see if the 4x8 sign from STARS can be put up either along highway 15 or on Grant and Joanne’s land at the corner of highway 15.                                                                       Carried.


Capital Budget:

81/14               Anderson:                  

That Ashley include water treatment plant upgrades, new
town truck and lagoon upgrades to the Capital Budget plan.



82/14               H. Linford:                

That Ashley put up the council meeting minutes on the
website effective April 2014.                                  Carried.



83/14               D. Linford:                

That the next meeting will be June 18th, 2014 at 7pm.


84/14               D. Linford:                

That the meeting be adjourned at 9:30pm