Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans
held on Wednesday, the 12th day of November, 2014 in the Municipal Office
at Semans, Saskatchewan.


Mayor – Duane Linford
Alderman – Heidi Linford
Alderman – Tom Anderson
Alderman – Perry Fehr
Administrator – Ashley Greenshields
Assistant Administrator – Shannon Cameron
Not Present:
Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains

Signing of Declarations: Mayor and Councillors

Call to Order:
A quorum being present, Mayor Duane Linford, called the meeting to order at 4:30pm.

208/14  Fehr:   That the agenda be accepted as presented.

209/14 H. Linford:  That the minutes of the regular meeting September
10th, 2014 be approved as read.
210/14  Anderson:  That the accounts be accepted as presented/attached.

Financial Reports: 
211/14  D. Linford:  That the financials be accepted as presented.
**Shane Bruvold joined meeting at 5:05pm**
• Plant is doing well, working well.
• Water line flushing went well
**Shane left meeting at 5;19pm**

212/14  D. Linford:  Attempted back burning the lagoon, it was too wet. Will try
again in spring. We will hire TSL out of Lanigan to dredge 
the lagoon once they have enough time.


New Buisiness:

WTP Heat:
213/14  D. Linford  The price for the new water treatment plant gas tube heater
is apx. $2300.

BobCat Tire and Rim:
214/14  Anderson  Ask Glen at NAPA in Raymore to mount bobcat tire on the
new rim. If he won’t see if Paul Marshall will or get Can-Am sales to do it.

Duncan Construction:
215/14  D. Linford:  Ask them to remove their extension cords from the boiler
room plugins.               

List of Lands in Arrears:
216/14  D. Linford:  We will start tax enforcement on the following list:
• Lot 7 Blk 10 Plan G242
• Lot 14 Blk 10 Plan G242
• Lot 20 Blk 10 Plan G242
• Lot L Blk 11 Plan 62H06659
• Lot 1 – 2 Blk 16A Plan T668

Clinton Schira:
217/14  D. Linford:  We will send a letter asking Clinton Schira to clean up his
.                          Carried.
218/14  Anderson   Ashley to find out how to properly remove the coyote from

Water Bylaw:
219/14  H. Linford:  Ashley will amend the Water Bylaw to be approved at the
next meeting.                              Carried.
Andrew Probe:
220/14  Fehr:   We will rent Andrew a room in the school 2hrs/day as a
place for him to rest between mail drops for $10/day.

Old Part of the School:
221/14  D. Linford:  Fire Dept. looking into options for new fire hall. Possible
conversion of Southeast corner of school.               Carried.

Nokomis Health Foundation:
222/14  Fehr:   We nominate Tom Anderson to be our representative.
We’ll pay $45 a meeting plus $0.38 a km. 
.                Carried.
223/14  D. Linford:  We will issue a fine of $100 to Kovatch’s for failing to
secure a permit prior to building there garage.
.                          Carried.
224/14  Fehr:   Ashley will talk to Donna about how the Loraas garbage
truck affected the streets in Punnichy. Council will discuss
it at next meeting.

Curb Boxes:
225/14  Anderson:  We will order five curb boxes to have on hand for next
years repairs.

226/14  Anderson:  Garbage pickup will be in the front from now on.
Meter deposit:
227/14  D. Linford:  We will no longer charge a meter deposit but will increase
the connection fee to $30.
.                          Carried.
228/14  H. Linford:  We will not donate to the Legion this year.                                  Carried.

229/14  H. Linford:  Ashley will talk to Shane and see if he knows anyone in the
city he could stay with during the one week WTP course.
Ashley will also talk to the instructor and see what the online course entails.
.                          Carried.

STARS Donation:
230/14  D. Linford:  We will think about it for next year.            Carried.

Christmas Party:
231/14  H. Linford:  We will use the budgeted dollar amount to purchase food to
prepare for a Christmas supper at someone’s house. Also Duane will pick up a Christmas tree for the Village.




232/14  D. Linford:  That the next meeting will be December 10th , 2014 at

207/14  D. Linford:  That the meeting be adjourned at 6:00pm.


                       Acting Clerk