Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Semans held on Wednesday, the 10th day of September, 2014 in the Municipal Office at Semans, Saskatchewan.



Mayor – Duane Linford

Deputy Mayor – Malcolm Bains

Alderman – Heidi Linford

Alderman – Tom Anderson

Alderman – Perry Fehr

Acting Clerk – Ashley Greenshields


Signing of Declarations:Mayor and Councillors



Call to Order:

A quorum being present, Mayor Duane Linford, called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.



162/14             Anderson:                  

That the agenda be accepted as presented.



163/14             Bains:                        

That the minutes of the regular meeting August 13th, 2014
and special meeting August 21st, 2014 be approved as read. 


164/14             Fehr:                          

That the accounts be accepted as presented/attached.



Financial Reports:    

165/14             D. Linford:                

That the financials be accepted as presented.


New Buisiness:


Curbside Pickup:

166/14             Fehr:                          

That Ashley contact Loraas Disposal for a quote on
curbside pickup.                                                Carried.


Lot 18-19 Block 6 Plan C815:

167/14             D. Linford:                

That we accept the tender of $100/lot (total $200) for the   
two lots and deem it as a garage package for the next tax year.                                                                                    Carried.


Bylaw No. 6 – 2014 – A Bylaw To Fix the Water and Sewer Rates:

168/14             Unanimous:              

That all 3 readings of Bylaw No. 6 – 2014 be completed at
this meeting.                                                      Carried.


169/14             D. Linford:                

First reading of Bylaw No. 6 – 2014.

                        H. Linford:                

Second reading of Bylaw No. 6 – 2014.


Bylaw No. 6 – 2014 is read a third time and adopted.



Tax Enforcement:

170/14             D. Linford:                

That we start tax enforcement procedures on Lot 35 Block
6 Plan C815, Lot 22 – 24 Block 6 Plan C815, and Lot 14 Block 2 Plan G321.                                                          Carried.


Vance Duffield:

171/14             D. Linford:                

That Ashley ask Vance to come into the office and to
discuss what his expectations are of the Village to provide compensation for the sewer back up in his basement.


Water Meters:

172/14             D. Linford                 

That we no longer replace water meters. We will just
bypass the meter from now on on any meters needing to be replaced.                                                             Carried.


Eaves Troughs:

173/14             Anderson:                  

That Ashley send a letter to owner of property Lot 6-7
Block 8 Plan C815 asking if they would consider putting up eaves trough extensions on their building to direct any water away from the Post Office building.                                           Carried.


Mold Quote:

174/14             D. Linford:                

That we table the mold quote received from Got Mold and 
try running a de-humidifier in the Post Office building to see if that helps to get rid of the musty smell.                     Carried.


Rim for Bobcat Tire:

175/14             Bains:                        

That Ashley get a quote from Napa Auto Parts and
Raymore Tire for a rim for the bobcat.               Carried.



176/14             Bains:                        

That Ashley send out a mail drop about the dump. Include
what can and can’t go out there, hours of the dump, etc.


Municipal Utilities:

177/14             Anderson:                  

That we get Municipal Utilities to fix the curb stop at 429
5th Ave and 317 King Street. Ashley to also get a quote on replacing the pipes on the south end of the clarifier.


Shane’s Overtime hours/Banked time:

178/14             D. Linford:                

That Shane’s overtime hours be banked as regular time and
can use these hours to take holidays.                    Carried.



179/14             D. Linford:                

That the next meeting will be call of the chair.


180/14             D. Linford:                

That the meeting be adjourned at 9:00pm.