Are you looking for a quiet and safe place to build a home? Do you what to raise your children in a town where the street lights will call them home at night? Or are you just looking for a peaceful place to enjoy your retirement? Do you love the idea of a community that will welcome you with open arms and accept you as their own? Well then look no farther, and welcome home… To Semans, Saskatchewan! If the sense of community doesn’t wow you, then our beautiful tree lined streets are sure too. Here in Semans we have numerous 100ftx25ft serviced lots for sale, for a price that can’t be beat. At just $5000.00/lot, you could build your dream home in this beautiful small town, located just an hour and twenty-five minutes northwest of Regina. We have a many local amenities such as Co-op grocery and service station, the Brickhouse restaurant, Tri-Central Insurance with STC Bus Services which run Monday, Wednesday and Friday, an Affinity Credit Union, and a Canada Post Box Office.  Semans is also home to a wonderful museum, a Pentecostal Church which offers Sunday school and a United Church, an active Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, a boisterous 50+ Club, and a Rec Centre with a bowling alley, a Regional Library, a play school group, and an ice skating rink with natural ice. We are very proud of our volunteer fire and rescue group, and their efforts to continue becoming more efficient with plans to expand their fire hall and upgrade equipment. We have a doctor that visits weekly and his permeant office is just a short 27 minute drive away. Although we don’t have a school there is a bus that runs Monday – Friday to Raymore High School, which offers K-12, and is a quick 13 minute trip. Most kids in the cities ride the bus longer. So if you are looking for a great place to live, laugh, and love; at a reasonable price, please feel free to contact me, Tuesday – Friday from 9 – 4.